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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on December 13, 2010
"On the show Fantasy Island, people would live their fantasies, and find them overwhelming. Sometimes it's better to write about them in a book, in your pajamas and slippers."

Lost in Space with Jesus

I guess if I say i'm a Christian, i'm supposed to say Jesus Christ. But even today, in the turbulent day and age we live in, I don't feel prepared to meet my maker. some Christians discuss the rapture, a time where the world is going to get so bad, that the Christians will be raptured to be spared those final catastrophes. i guess if it were to happen right now, I really don't know if I'd feel prepared. The bible says no mortal man has seen God, and that he is too beautiful for human eyes to see. In Church yesterday, the pastor said a child asked him, " Did Jesus, Mary and Joseph, really know Christmas was going to be this big of a deal? And yes, it was indeed.
Before church yesterday, I braved the cold weather to go to the Y to work out and go swimming. in the locker room, I heard two men who I believed to be jewish arguing about the Torah and what Christians call " The Old testament'
and the differences thereof. And one man talked about a book written by Issac Asimov, an athiest, who analyzed the bible from a scientific perspective. i guess he too, felt he had the answers.
I subscribe to Netflicks, and lately I have been watching old episodes of lost In Space, a favorite childhood show. it came out in 1965, 5 years before i was born. I thought penny, played by Angela Cartwright, was a cute girl, and probably a girl I would've like if I was the exact same age as her at the exact same time. But i googled Angela Cartwright and she evolved into a suburban housewife looking woman. i still think she was a great childhood actor. I would love to go into a " Time machine' and hang out with the cast from lost in space. It was filmed in black and white, and a lot of the special effects were great for that time.
i used to have a friend in the eighties which i have recently renamed (the ADD's, instead of the eighties) who used to say, " Everybody talks about, it would be cool to hang out with jim Morrison, or jimi Hendrix, but if someone's going to do something..." and he eventually just moved to San Francisco, lived a debaucherous life, and I'd be shocked if he was still alive. He was talented, but the drugs took their toll. And he never got famous. His greatest claim to fame was getting arrested selling drugs.
So be grateful this holiday season. I know it's hard, but try! God Bless!

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