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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on December 20, 2010
"My commentary on the season, and what should be important"

Sermon of the pink tile

At my church we've had a series of messages about the advent, the time leading up to the birth of Jesus, rather than Santa Claus. i've claimed i hate commercialism of the holidays, but i'm still enslaved anyway. My home computer bit the dust and i might have to get a new motherboard, and i don't know if my hard drive can be saved, and many old unsaved poems may be lost forever. i was thinking about the lost in space rerun i watched last night. will found a new robot and he brought it to life and their regular robot tried to warn them it was evil. so the regular robot thought the robinsons had no use for it and went into the desert to commit suicide. but then the robot and the evil robot battled it out, and the robot destroyed the evil robot. that was the point, a robot with human emotions. well, my computer is not loyal or have any emotions, but I wrote tons of poetry on it that i poured feeling into. I hope i can save the hard drives. the guy who looked at my computer today said they were gone.
but back to christmas. In church yesterday, the worship leader said, " You can take back Santa, and give me Jesus!" How many people have forgotten. And obviously around the holidays the Jews celebrate Hannukah, the Muslims celebrate Ramadan, and people from Africa celebrate Kwanza. it was only recently that these holidays have been recognized. Still, Christ has been censored from Christmas.
I go to the Vineyard Christian church and I rarely miss a Sunday. Like many people who go to church, if you catch me during the week, you can find me being a hypocrite and not practicing the principles i learn in church. it's hard to be good. that's the message of Christianity, Jesus died for our sins because we could not get to Heaven based on our own good deeds. i'll speak for myself, if you went to Heaven for being good, there's no way I'd be going. I've accepted the forgiving, loving Jesus into my life, and gone are mountains of guilt and shame that I carried around like a cross.
The pastor told an interesting story in his sermon. He was talking about visions and dreams. He said he knew a pastor and his wife from a Vineyard church in California, and the wife kept having dreams that they should be serving in a presybyterian church in Montanna instead. Then they got a call from a church member in Montanna saying, " we need a new pastor, and someone recomended you." So they took the job. They had to find a house. The pastor's wife had a dream of a house on a certain block, with a certain neighbor, and she could see the house in her mind all the way down to the pink tile in the kitchen. and sure enough, that's the house they ended up in. these are the stories you don't hear on the 5;00 news. you have to go to church to hear them.
I want to wish everybody happy holidays, and the best writer win the subscription to the magazine. i don't know if it will be me or not, but it sounds like an interesting magazine to have a subscription to. i wish them wisdom in their judging. Happy holidays, everybody!

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