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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on January 10, 2011
"Just encouraging Obama to do his best, regardless of my personal apolitical attitude"

A poem about the president

Dear Mr. president,
Some wonder if you are a U.S resident,
Whether peace or war is inevitable,
If your legacy will be incredible,
Whether your race or religion matters,
Whether the u.s will divide or scatter,
What your environmental policies are,
Whether you'll choose to smoke a cigar.
You've got a lot of pressure to please,
And we all would really love peace.
The terrorists may not want that,
Be careful with where you are at.
Your children are very nice,
You've paid the ultimate price.
You've been challenged, like George W,
And your problems must trouble you.
W was hated and berated,
But you have made people elated.
I don't know if you'll get reelected,
maybe you'll just got rejected.
Don't forget, it's us you're working for,
Not other countries anymore.
It's good to care about those overseas,
but we cannot be the world's police.
I say we concentrate on helping us,
And restore, " IN GOD WE TRUST."
America is losing it's basis in God,
While Chinese are finding him, how odd.
I'm still proud to be a member of the U.s,
Even though it can cause a lot of stress.
Freedom has it's limitations,
And oftentimes, brings discriminations.
The hatred is alive on Earth,
We must see love for it's worth.
So, Obama, just do your best,
Just think of it as a test....

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