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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on January 17, 2011
"I cannot reveal the suprise in this story. read it if you wish."

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R: did you get the homework assignment?
f: No, I didn't.
R; i think our calculus mid-term is next friday.
R: i'm thinking of dropping biology.
F: I don't blame you.
R: How is your brother doing?
F: just as confused as usual.
R: it figures.
F: have you been to the movies lately?
R: Nothing worth seeing.
F: this is true.
R: there's no good music these days for us teens to listen too. everybody is still listening to Zeppelin and the doors, but i'm burned out..
F; i'm sick of that death metal. Makes people crazy!
R: sounds like mindless noise to me!
F: i'm not really into classical or jazz either. too mellow.
F: yes, i'm kind of in limbo as to what music to listen to.
R: everybody at school is trying to make a fashion statement, but clothes are just clothes. what if we had to go to school butt-naked..
F; that would bring some humility.
R: oh no, dude! i got to pull over! A cop just saw me texting! i got to go!
F; Believe it or not..the same thing just happened to me! i got pulled over!
F: well, at least we're not drunk!
R: i'll be able to walk a straight line! see ya Monday!

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