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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on January 24, 2011
"I discuss the ways we watch Tv and movies in this modern day and age"

How we watch Tv and films

Hmmm. This is a difficult assignment. i guess as far as Tv is concerned, I'd like to use this forum to express my personal resentment of the decision of NetFlicks to potentially stop sending DVDs in the mail and just have it so you order movies on to your computer. There was an article about this on the internet recently, and a lot of people posted comments saying if netflix does that, they are going to cancel their services. I think it's a bad move on their part, and they are just getting richer and richer, and lazier and lazier. currently, almost any movie or tv show you could ever think of you could order from Netflix. But their online selection is smaller. That means the majority of movies i wanted to see i wouldn't be able to see. And some people think it's good for the environment, " A paperless society," but i'm starting to see the future as rather cold. pretty soon, humans won't have to interact with each other.
I personally look forward to getting my dvds in the mail. As someone wrote recently, " Wouldn't it be nice if people still wrote letters, rather than e-mail? remember the feeling of opening the mailbox, and getting a letter from someone you love, and the pleasure of reading it?" i look forward to getting my mail every day, but inevitably, i'm always disapointed. if i'm expecting some money in the mail or something cool it takes forever, but like today is Monday and I suspect when i open my mailbox today there will be at least four unsolicited letters from people wanting my money. it's there stamp if they want to send it, but i send it straight to the trash.
But getting back to the topic of netflix. Everybody's trying to create a paperless society, to protect the trees, but why don't we just plant more trees? we can cut down trees for lumber or paper, but please, replace what you have taken from the Earth. i find kindles cold and unfriendly, but eventuallty i will probably conform. i think there is nothing like reading a paper book, i heard someone say they even like the smell of paper. Customer service in this country is down, and greed is on. So Netflix? i want my DVDS in the mail or I'm cancelling my business with you. and that's it from me today.

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