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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on January 31, 2011
"About a machine i had that I never learned to use"

Airbrush machine

Unused airbrush machine by Mark hudson

I once got an airbrush machine from my friend Mike,
I thought it was something that I would like.
He gave it to me as a very fine gift,
that would help give my art a lift.
But every time I'd try to use it,
The only thing I could do was abuse it.
ink would shoot out onto the drapes,
The art looked like the work of apes.
It was clear that i needed more instruction,
So i brought it to art class for an introduction.
My professor said we could use it in class,
But so far, nothing has come to pass.
The airbrush machine, sits there inanimate,
hoping someone will kind of examine it.
Prettypictures could come from it's hose,
But everytime i try, " Thar she blows!"
I've got so much work to do in school,
That I forgot all about it, I feel like a fool.
Even though I feel like a jerk,
I must see if the machine still works.
If it works in each compartment,
I'll take it home to my new apartment.
An airbrush machine can make some pretty good art,
but first, you have to know how to start!

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