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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on February 7, 2011
"A person, perhaps a teacher, asking an artist about his creative process"

The Tree

"So what are are you working on today?"
"A value drawing, with shades of gray."
"Are you going to use a charcoal pencil?"
" I might contemplate using that utencil."
"Do you think you might need an eraser?"
"No but i might need a vodka and a chaser."
"Not on school hours, you don't!"
"Not out in public, I won't."
"What do you you think your topic might be?"
" the paper will represent what it's from-a tree."
"Will your drawing have branches-or leaves?'
"It depends on what my imagination weaves."
"Will you do an elm, or maybe an oak?"
"Doesn't matter if it's not a joke."
" Will you need a table, or perhaps an easel?
Will you include a squirrel, or even a weasel?"
"I might have one or even each one,
In the background, I might have the sun."
" Will it be winter, or will it be fall?
Will it have any season at all?'
"Perhaps winter, that's where we are,
I'll add some snow, and make it look far."
"What else do you think you'll add to your tree?"
" The rest is going to be a mystery."
"You're not going to reveal any more info?'
"I told you already the answer is no.
Us artists must keep our secrets for us alone,
But we need more courage in order to be known!"

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