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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on February 28, 2011
"Computers make us machine-like, anti-social, short attenton spans, ect. but i know i'm addicted, too."

Frozen Screen

My home computer has given me some trouble, but I'm grateful nonetheless because i got it for free from northwestern university. I recently had it crash and one of the hard drives was completely wiped out, and i thought everything on it including poetry of mine and photos from the past. i stillhave some of that stuff saved on discs and usb ports but i haven't gone through to see what is left. On saturday I was working on my computer and the screen froze and i couldn't get it unfrozen so i had to unplug it which can mess it up, then i plugged it back in and it still wasn't working. then i realized i had jarred the computer and the mouse and keyboard was disconnected, so i plugged them back in and i had to let it sit overnight before it was working again.
i like computers, there are so many interesting things you can do with them, but as a friend put it, society is coming down to the "Haves and have-nots.' If you are not computer-literate it's hard to survive, and i don't know how people do. A library by my house closed one of it's branches on saturday because of lack of money and a lot of people were sad. it had been there a long time. If i get the internet on my home computer i may no longer have an excuse to leave my apartment. Technology is good, but human interaction is neessary for people. books are good, too. kindles are great. but nothing like a paper book to hold in your hands, even if it's from the library.

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