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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on March 14, 2011
"some dark humor at a very dark time in history"

Pulling the plug

The old man's wish a fictional story by mark Hudson
An old man lie in his hospital bed. a doctor walked in the room.
"Mr. Flutz,I've got some bad news. Your terminal cancer is now permanently terminal. we're going to have to pull the plug. you have ten minutes to live."
"Doctor,"said"Mr. Flutz," Will you pray with me?'
"Yes," said Doctor Stein. " I have a degree in divinity, and i can pray with patients, too."
The doctor held the patients hand and began to pray. "Do you, Mr. Flutz, accept the gift of eternal life, through the father, the son, and the holy spirit?'
"I do."
"Do you believe upon awakening, you will enter into a world of neverending peace, happiness, and fellowship of the Lord?'
"I do."
"Great. Because I must now pull the plug."
Suddenly an angel appeared. "Oh, Mr. Flutz, because of your faith in our almighty holiness, he has granted you an additional twenty years of existence on planet earth."
"%#^&*@#%^!"said Mr. Flutz. " Just when I thought I was free of this $#%^&@%$%^ing life, I got to live on this @*^&$$%@planet for another #$^&!@#$twenty years!"
(The End?)

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