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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on April 3, 2011
"My last day in Florida"

Golf Cart

My father's golf cart in Florida

Mark Hudson

Here I sit in Florida,
With the kids, the sweet tarts.
All the kids want to do,
Is ride my father's golf cart.
My grandma Doris,
brought the kids stuffed toys.
She even brought me a chocolate,
Fun for the girls and the boys.
Ryan named the stuffed toy,
"Golf-cart Osbourne."
he wants to retire in Florida,
Even though he recently was born.
Ryan loves to ride the golf cart,
They go and feed the ducks.
They feed them a bunch of bread,
And the kids have really good luck.
Tomorrow we head back to Illinois.
It will be good to get back.
Either way, I've had lots of joy.
Living here in an episode of Caddy Shack!

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