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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on April 17, 2011
"Poetry about poetry"

Poetry workshop

Poetry workshop

today i went to a poetry workshop/I studied prose poetry.
i wanted to get an understanding of the form.
at first, I was the only male in the room.
Then, another man walked in late.
We discussed prose poetry for twenty minutes./
Then we workshopped everybody's poems.
There was one about an avalanche of envelopes
In a car while daydreaming to classical music.
There was one about kidney failure and aging.
There was one about a carpenter wrestling
with his job as sexual frustration.
There was one about a print done in 1974
that just now got published with a poem.
There was one that was a rip-off of another poem.
Mine was about a new food factory in chicago.
There was one about a Korean girl who perhaps
was a mail-order bride. And the list goes on.
But everybody found ways to improve their poems.
When we were done, I bought the leader's book
Of poems and had her sign it. I collect books
signed by the poet to me. I have plenty of
Avenues in this area to meet established
poets. one theme in today's poems was the
passage of time. It sure is slipping by.
I better get going if I want to make it as a poet!

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