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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on July 12, 2011
"the storms in my area have caused confusion"

Dependence on power

well i was in America for Canada's day of independence, and in canada for the fourth of july. i travelled with my parents in their 70's, and i was able to appreciate living on my own and the independence i have. but i appreciated my dad's ability to plan a good trip, and Canada was a beautiful country. In canada, their economy is doing better than ours. there were a lot of things nice about canada, but I'm back home where i should be. it hasn't been easy being back, yesterday the power went out in my building, and i couldn't put the air conditioning on, and my guinea pig died from the heat. then i was supposed to go to school today and i thought my art class would cheer me up, and the power was out in that building,so on the train back a man strikes up a conversation and complains about the storms, then his boss calls on the cell phone and announces that work is cancelled. in the chicagoland area there is always extreme weather. it seems so wierd. it almost seems like God is punishing this dark city. I'll try to get on his good side, and avoid the catastrophes!

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