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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on August 1, 2011
"revisiting my 18th birthday from a 40-year old perspective"


I had a birthday when I turned 18 years old. i was a lot younger and wilder then. i did a lot of things i don't do now. I'm 40 and i'm taking better care of myself. just because i'm an artist, i don't want to be like an amy winehouse.
When I was 18 I asked a friend to help celebrate my 18th birthday by going out drinking, unfortuneately a friend who comitted suicide at age 19. So we went into the city of chicago, looking to score some liquor. We were in Rogers park, and i ran into an older man who i knew from a convienint store by my house who i used to walk in and say, "Can I buy a cigarette for a dime?" and he'd always sell me a single cigarette. So he bought me some liquor, and we drank some Jack Daniels in a stairwell. My frend said, " This tastes like shoe polish" and it did.
Then we drank the bottle and walked near heartland, where we smoked a joint with some hippies. Then we went into the heartland bar, and I said, "It's my birthday, could i have some free beers?" and they said " Do you have an ID?"
and I said, "No, I don't." So they served us free beers anyway. we drank more and more. by this time, a long line was evolving at the bathroom,and we needed to get in line to use it. As we got to the front, someone was taking a long time. finally, people began to pound on the door. then, they pushed the door open. A man was on his hands and knees and said, " I lost my contact lenses!' And there were all kinds of bodily fluids on the floor.
Nowadays, a birthday i celebrate isn't much. I get together with my family, including my niece and nephew. I hope they avoid some of the traps i fell into in my mispent youth!

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