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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on August 7, 2011
"Marriage is a good institution, but it's not for everybody. it's a major responsibility. sometimes people just need to feel connected to the human race, to have friends"

New pet

First of all, to the couple who is getting married, good luck with your marriage and i hope it is succesful and lasts till death do you part. and if you want children, i hope you have happy, healthy children. but no marraige is ever perfect. i am not married, and have no plans of getting married. it seems like i get more done in one day of being a single writer then i could get done in a whole lifetime of marriage. but this is not always the case. yesterday, i went to a picnic where many of my friends were, and it was a great social event. but when i got home, i felt that loneliness again. my apartment felt like a giant cage, and with all the million things i have to do, i couldn't focus.
I am mourning the loss of a pet. i had a guinea pig, twitches, who solved the loneliness problem perfectly. i have an active social life and know many people. but i live alone and prefer to be alone. and my unique apartment deal doesn't allow for any overnight visitirs. In the chicagoland area, where homelessness is such a major problem, i am grateful for provision.
i think my guinea pig died from heat. a friend saw a guinea pig that looked like my old guinea pig, but a baby. he said, "I simply must get this for Mark.' so he got the guinea pig, and he's been holding on to it till this heat wave cools down a bit. my apartment can be hot, and i had a higher electric bill than usual because of the air conditioning. but that is what i'm anticipating, my new pet. i heard a lady say yesterday she was married and divorced four times. that kind of makes me nervous about marriage. i don't necessarilly resent women or thing, but men and women have different ways of looking at things and sometimes marriages can get kind of complicated. In the bible it says, "It is good to marry, and it is also good not to marry," and if i really ever did get married my wife would have to be the boss, the breadwinner, the one with a good head on her shoulders. i think i'm very creative, but i don't have a head for business. i have sold art to make money, but the cost of living is so expensive that my money doesn't last very long. I doubt i'd ever want to get married, but I'm more respectful of women now than i ever have been. So some women might want to marry me, but they are about 20 years too late, while their biological clock is ticking, my artistic biological clock is ticking. to do something with my life. and time is running out. i'm usually pretty prolific, but i find that writing groups or art classes are where you really find the most inspiration. no single person is self-sufficent. But my apartment will feel les lonely with a pet, who will never hit me over the head with a frying pan! i am done

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