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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on August 17, 2011
"i usually remember my dreams, unless i drink so much coffee throughout the day that i don't sleep well"

The wallet dream

i usually do remember my dreams. i am a fortunate person in that way. one time i had a twenty minute dream that was so clear that it became the inspiration for a short story/novella. I tell people my dreams and then i laugh. as an artist, i sometimes have dreams about my art. I once interviewed people aboout their dreams and distributed newsletters about people's dreams. Some people can recall their dreams vividly. lately i think i've been drinking too much coffee and i haven't been sleeping enough. this morning i woke up at 5;00 and went swimming at the y. then i went by the coffee shop right by my apartment and ran into two people i know. i conversed with them. my apartment building is right across the street from one of the best coffee shops in my town. they do such good business that they don't demand you buy something just to be there. some coffee shops, you have to order something just to be there.
but back to dreams. i'm trying to think of a good one i had recently, but under the gun it's hard to recall one. i kept dream journals and recorded my dreams. oh yes, now i've thought of one. i had a dream i was in a forest and i came across a wallet. it had $35.00 dollars in it. I thought,"should i turn this in to the guy, or should i keep it?' i gave it a day to think about. the next day, the guy came back and said, "why didn't you turn in my wallet?' and i said, "dude, you got your wallet." so interpret that as you will!

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