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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on August 22, 2011
"dreams reveal anxiety about past jobs, and perhaps future jobs as well"

Fear of work

I once worked in a movie theatre for 10 years. I quit six times and came back before i got fired for good. some might say, what's so hard about that job? i
think it would be a fun job! But a New york Times article once said that the
most stressful job in america is working in a movie theatre. well, i think
they are all pretty darn stressful. and unemployment is stressful, too!
but i haven't worked in a movie theatre in 10 years, yet i seem to have
a nightmare about the job at least two nights a week. I had a nightmare
at the beginning of the summer that i was standing behind the counter
and we were selling sunglasses and i was trying to ring someone up and
it was so hot my glasses got all steamed up and i couldn't see. i had a
dream that i was behind the concession stand and i was trying to pour
a large drink and the ice bin was full of popcorn and so i filled the cup
up with pop then i couldn't find the right size lid. and recently, i had
a dream i sold some of my art to a sociologist who i was expecting
to pay big bucks for my art and he said, " I don't have that much
money, but i'll give you what i can.' and he give me $40 and the rest
in a handful of candy and movie theatre tickets. so i went to a movie
theatre and tried to exchange the movie theatre tickets for money
and they said, "Nope.' So I was mad!
Needless to say, the job traumitized me. what a nightmare...working!

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