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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on August 29, 2011
"In my city, the government messes everything up. They want to close down my art school, which everybody loves and is a historic landmark. their reason; they are greedy and just want more money. Ah, politicians, don't you love them? everything for them, nothing for us. do you sense a revolution coming?"

Printmaking classes

Julian Cox, printmaking professor returns to school

"Hey, julian! how did your surgery go?"

"Oh, it was fine, really.I just lay in the hospital bed and my wife brought me good food. But i worried about getting people enrolled in the printmaking classes. If i don't suceed at this job, it is back to the car wash again. so sign up for class!"
"Do you really think they are going to close school down in two years?"
"Perhaps, because the government in evanston is so heartless and cruel. they think everybody loves northwestern so much, but they don't pay taxes and the rich kids who go to northwestern are just getting their tuition paid for by their parents. They are supposed to come here and stimulate the economy, but they don't. they live off the fat of the land, but when it's time to getting a job they leave our community. We are the underdogs, and the government of evanston doesn't realize how much the community loves both Noyes cultural art center, and evanston art center, the two interlinking schools. evanston did a poll to see what they could do to make it better, and the thing is, leave it the way it is! All these new people are ruining it.'
"Will your dog Fifi starve, if the school goes out of business?'
"I certainly hope not! the evanston art center is working hard to find us a new building where we can practice art, but the government of Evanston is being anti-art Natzis."
"What if that doesn't work out?"
"I'll buy the press and we'll set up shop. Don't worry, as long as i'm alive, there will still be printmaking classes. If i'd abandoned ship everytime the chips were down, I'd be president of the car wash by now."
"Thanks, fearless leader! they can take art schools away from us, but they can't take away the desire to create. The world is basically run by non-creative people, who have issues so they have to ruin other people's lives.'
"I wouldn't think of it that way. Every artist must travel to the grave, along with the non-creative people. perhaps the artists get to go to art heaven, and the politicians go to Political purgatory."
"It's almost sad, in a way."
"MMaybe, but in the meantime, let's make some prints!"
(School starts in two weeks)

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