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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on September 26, 2011
"I'm a city boy(really more of a suburb boy) but i've been to some fairs here and there.ah, what a refreshing autumn topic!"

Autumn fair

The world's greatest fair

A shaksperian Sonnet

Have you heard of the world's greatest fair?
Autumn is the time for birth for our race.
Come out and smell the pigs and fresh air.
Tractor pulls take you to another place.
Get some cotton candy to share.
You might get some catsup on your face.
you can live life without a care.
Ride the roller coaster from outer space.
The pig roast is tasty...if you dare!
it vanishes down your throat, without a trace.
Overalls is what you will wear.
As you walk along at your very own pace.
looking for the perfect pumpkin,
Guess what! You are a country bumpkin!

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