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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on October 3, 2011
"writing on writing is always popular"

My book

I am reading a fascinating book by Frank palma called the map of time. he's a spanish author and this is his first book to be translated into english. it's about time travel, and it's set in victorian england. I think they call it steam punk. it's also historical fiction, he uses true life people who are famous, and mixes it with fictional characters. i would definitely reccomend it.
Before that i was reading Herman Melville. No, not Moby Dick. i always read because i really want to be a good writer. You have to study the greats.
even the greats were just human beings, and chances are they struggled like us.
I read an interesting article in one of my writers magazines. It was about a man in the sixties who wrote a novel that was ahead of its time. it had to do with a racial love affair and sex and it was blacklisted by the u.s publications at the time. but it got published in France and it was a big hit over there. The author had several attempts by KKK members, and he became an alcoholic. later on, in the year 2011, he found out that some criminal rewrote his book and published it on He found out that in order to sue it would cost more money than it was worth, and the man had connections with the mob. so what hope do writers have in this day and age.
I've doing a lot of shakesperian sonnets lately, so i'll try one on this topic

my book

If i could take any book off the shelf,
If I could be anyone I wanted to be,
I'd rather just be myself.
Reading at the library is free,
You can fantasize about being an elf.
Nothing seems to shock me,
Most authors don't get much wealth.
A book gives your mind something to see,
It improves your mental health.
wouldn't you say you agree?
Stamina in reading brings you stealth.
The bell will toll for thee,
If you just take a book off the shelf.
There is always something new to read,
It might allow you to become quite freed!

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