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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on October 10, 2011
"basically self-explanatory-a shakesperian sonnet about a zoo"

At the Zoo

The Zoo

A Shakesperian Sonnet

the elephants and giraffes were at the zoo,
And the zookeepers enjoyed their job.
There was always work to do,
And always an unruly mob.
Then along came Elmer MacGoo,
a filthy, ornery slob.
He threw rocks at the peacocks, too,
And then the children would sob.
The peacocks heads would be black and blue,
And so was the zookeeeper, Rob.
Elmer had hit him in the head and he knew,
He just wished he had a Saab.
Unemployed, Elmer took out his agressions,
But the peacocks were willing to forgive his transgressions!

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