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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on October 24, 2011
"An interesting challenge, this prompt. Now i want to get in a hot air balloon"

Around the World in 80 days

Around the World in 80 days

A SHakesperian sonnet

I went around the world in 80 days,
In the form of a helium balloon.
My master sent me away,
I'm not coming back too soon.
I zoomed into the sky so gray,
And soared away towards the moon.
I saw a rainbow in the month of May,
I visited Paris promptly at noon.
There were things i wanted to say,
When I saw a giant monsoon.
I saw the Earth in it's grand decay,
I went to Africa and saw a baboon.
But the ultimate point that i make in this poem,
Is there is no place like Home sweet Home!

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