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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on November 21, 2011
"It's Thanksgiving time-time to count your blessings. Happy thanksgiving, everybody!"



A shakesperean sonnet

I'm grateful that I have a roof over my head,
and i'll pray for the people who do not.
I'm grateful for food and being well-fed,
and all the other gifts I have got.
I'm grateful that I am alive, not dead,
and all the girls I see who are hot.
I'm grateful that death is not something to dread,
But I really like living a lot.
I'm grateful that I am single, not wed,
And I don't take care of a tot.
I'm glad it's been a while since I bled,
And that I have never been shot.
I'm grateful that while some consider me wierd,
In many publications my work has appeared.

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