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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on December 13, 2011
"This piece talks a lot about Christmas music, and thinking of others"

Christmas op-ed piece

Christmas Music-lovable or irritating?

An op-ed piece by Mark hudson

i was kind of a downward spiral around Thanksgiving-the holidays and the approach of the holidays was bumming me out. I was at my writers workshop at Barnes and noble and they were blaring christmas music through the store, and one woman there said, "Oh, i hate Christmas music!" and so, the seed was planted.
I was in a Subway eating a stale submarine sandwich, listening to competely corny Christmas music, and i really felt depressed. so, i turned around that experrience and turned it into a satirical poem about the holidays and submitted it to a publication that is looking for christmas submissions. i have yet to hear back from them.
But i also had a part to play in a friend's Christmas play, and i had a five-minute part as santa Claus. i had to stop being such a grinch to play the part. I got to play Santa, and there were plenty of beautiful young ladies singing christmas carols that i got to be a part of. Our first performance was two performances sunday in a nursing home. Some of the people didn't get it. like i heard one senior citizen say, "These kids are ameatuers.'
But then other people loved it and brought them some joy. we filmed the whole thing and they are going to put it on youtube.
but one more thing i must mention, in order to do the nursing home show, i had to get up at 5 in the morning to get there around 7. we went into a dunkin doughnuts, and they were getting muffins, which i don't like, so i ordered a sandwich, and i realized they had 99 cents sandwiches, so i asked if i could exchange them, and they said yes! But i had my Santa Claus hat on, and i felt I was being grouchy. it was all me worrying about food, worrying that santa is never going to have enough to eat. So then at lunch, everybody was taking a lunch break, and I had no money. So i said, "I'll stay here and watch the stuff" and they said, "We'll bring you some food back" and three people brought me food! So i was a stuffed santa for the second performance. In America, we have so much and we're so ungrateful at times. i was at a church event last night and there was a missionary couple who is going to work in the poorest country in africa where they have one doctor for 13,000 people! or maybe it was 30,000 people, i'm not sure! so count your blessings this Christmas. Ho, Ho ,ho. this is a message from Santa!

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