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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on December 20, 2011
"a lot of ups and downs this christmas"

Roller-coaster Christmas

I have had unstable times around the holidays. i was in a Christmas play where i played Santa Claus, and it sold out. it was successful. But then i had to go to an after party and i don't drink. The host bought me a 12-pack of grape soda. I was the only one at the party who wasn't drinking. this was in logan square, far away from evanston where i live(In chicago.) At about 2:00 in the morning, the guy who was going to give me a ride home announces he is too drunk to give me a ride home, so he offers me twenty dollars if i'll "use it to take a cab to the red line." so i take the 20, find the nearest blue line, and take it to the red line. on the blue line, someone sits next to me and says, ""Something smells like mustard, catsup, or hamburgers." It was probably me, but at least i didn't smell like booze! Then i get off at the red line at jackson, sit down at the bench, and a man gets on and misses his train. He curses out the conductor, then sits down near me. "Mind spreading out, so I can crack my back?' i spread out, and he cracks his back. "MUch better. Want some whiskey?"
"No, i don't."
A man comes up. "Can i get some?
"No, you need to leave me alone.
Then the man says to me, "Tell me, man. Why is it that white people go to six bars in one evening?"
'I have no idea?' i said./
Then there were some rough-looking man practicing fighting, and i was worried I was going to get mugged. the red line came, and i got on the train just in time. then when the red line got to north/clybourn they had mechanical difficulties and we were stalled for twenty minutes. one drunk man urinated in front of his girlfriend, and she just laughed. Then when we started moving, some sexy ladies got on and he began to hit on them in front of his girlfriend. he got off the el with his girlfriend, and it looked like he had some explaining to do.
then i finally got to the end of the red line so late, that the purple line to evanston was no longer running. i walked home and fell asleep. aarghh! the holidays!
to top it all off, i found out my Uncle pete passed away this morning. i might have to go to the funeral before christmas, and my mom has cancer. i'm not using it as an excuse to blame God, though. i know some people have it worse.
happy hoidays. Count your blessings. mark hudson

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