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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on January 18, 2012
"i can't top King. but i can add some humor to the "zeitgiest"
of the times were in"

Where your waffle goes

Certainly nobody can outdo King in his incredible gift of speech. he was one of a kind, and in church on Sunday, we sang, "WE shall overcome" in a church which has a congregation of almost every possible race, almost 50% white and %50 black, and everything else, Asian, jew now believer, even some who were once muslims. certainly, the brilliance of King made a thing like this possible, which was once not possible.
but again, i can not top King. But I did have a dream a few nights ago(while i was sleeping) that i went into a restaurant for breakfast and there was a man who barely spoke english taking orders, and he kept messing up cause he could barely speak English. He handed me a waffle, and I said, "Sir, i ordered the hash browns!" and he said, "Sorry,' and then his boss started screaming at him at the top of her lungs.
this dream could symbolize two things.
one; i was thinking about breakfast, i was hungry.
two, i am traumatized from all the jobs i worked just like that, where i worked minimum wage jobs in the nineties($4.25 an hour, then) and they would tell me if i didn't make it there, the only place i could go is Burger King. they totally underestimated my intelligence, and so did all my teachers growing up. i talked to a new art student at my school, she is a college student going to some of the best art schools in the country, going for her masters possibly, but in high school she would just draw all the time and get d's in all her acedemia. the teachers would say, "you'll never get into college," but that's what they all say. how many people have you heard of who went to college, went to one beer blast or bong celebration, graduating through osmosis, and now they are running your life! i hated taking tests and quizzes in school. i hated going to school growing up because all that could have been so fascinating was made incredibly boring, as if to torture children. I think history is fascinating, and whoever thought the internet would come along, with all knowledge known to man at your fingertips. but now the dumb government wants to put a price tag on the internet, what was once free to us all, is going to cost a pretty penny, and those fat cats in washington get richer and richer, and they build a statue of martin luther king for fake sympathy, and the truth is they don't care if we were to die tomorrow. all they care about is making money. we are the 99 percent. the goverment will soon put a tax on air, when it's all polluted anyhow. and if this is the best country in the world, i shiver to think what the third world is like. the 2012 elections? i have no clue who to vote for. i think i'll vote for Alfred E. Neuman!

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