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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on January 23, 2012
"I had a dream of being a pet owner, because i love animals"


Waiting for Willow

I used to live in an apartment building where the only pet you could have was fish. but ever since my twenty-year old dog died when i lived at home, i longed for a new pet to fill the void. when i got my new apartment, I got a guinea pig named Twitches.. my friend Ned got it for me because his young daughter had a guinea pig and she had a friend who had one that needed a home. So I took twitches in and took great care of her, till she died last summer because of heat,
and it felt like someone stabbed me in my stomach or heart. so i didn't want to get a new guinea pig till i mourned the loss. so one day the same friend Ned, said that there was a sale on guinea pigs at the petsmart in Northbrook, and he purchased a guinea pig that his daughter named Willow, and he gave it to me so I could have a new pet. When he brought Willow over she was just a baby, and she had white fur and red eyes, a rarity. She is my special pet, and I love her and spoil her. I am hoping she lives a long life, and i'm grateful I have a home, and that i can give my pet a home.

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