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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on January 30, 2012
"a poem about how we're all on-line, and void of human contact"

Cabin fever

Winter or summer

Winter or summer, it's always the same,
Either one has it's pros and cons.
sometimes it's summer and video games,
Are played by children, inside.
Winter, nobody sleds anymore,
the snowmen have all disappeared.
In summer, we're all on the internet,
Matter of fact, we're on it all year.
Not me, though, i go outside,
But books can bring worlds into place.
The crooks sell their nooks,why?
Can't we plant more trees in a space?
I don't know what kids are learning in school,
but they need recess, or else?
Don't tell them they have ADD,
One day they might be smarter than you!
Winter or summer, always a bummer,
Constantly listening to people complain.
We're the land of the free, it's hard to see,
cause 100% of us are going insane!

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