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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on February 6, 2012
"I've been reading more about science because i write science fiction, and i don't want it to sound too far-fetched(otherwise revealing how bad I did in high school, especially at science.)"

Stem Cell research-a poem

Stem cell research

They were doing stem cell research
While Bush was going to church
He was afraid clones would surge
And they'd look like lurch
They already cloned a sheep
It sounds like a thing that could creep
But could they clone a woman or man?
Could they clone the president of iran?
sounds like a story with shape shifters
Where spies can be sneaky drifters
And you can create a lot of sin
when everybody has an evil twin.
but on the other hand, it may be true
diseases will be cured, skin turns new
they finally might've found the answer
To the mystery we know as cancer.
We might be able to live longer
the human race will grow stronger
But for every long-living dictator
the weak will die sooner-not later.
I wouldn't mind living a long life
I think it might be allright
but a better day beyond Heaven's gate
Then this earth-as it is of late.

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