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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on March 18, 2012
"How I got through "Amatuer Weekend" without acting the fool, and had fun anyhow"

A St. Patrick's Day proverb

I had a great st. patrick's day weekend. i had some green prints i did in my printmaking class, of a frog and turtle. then i found an old postcard-size print of a leprechaun, so i went to a copy store and made some color copies and said a prayer on friday night that maybe i could sell some to make a little extra money. well, to make a long story short, i sold some, and ended up making $50.00! but when i went to church today, i only put two dollars in the basket. i realized my two dollars in the basket was pathetic and i need to do better. but how many people even go to church anymore?
my pastor gave a sermon in church in january from the Bible that if you tithe, if you give 10 percent of your income to the church, God will take care of all your needs. He chalenged us to try it. i realized I was only giving 5 percent of my income(which isn't much, anyhow) so i upped it to 10 percent. it seems like it is working out!
as far as my proverb is concerned, i was at a play on st. patrick's day in the city of chicago. st. patrick's day is big in chicago, with the south side irish parade, and the trains are full of drunks everywhere. the play was about mental illness, and it was about dance therapy, written and directed by a lady from Columbia College, Chicago, where I got my degree in fiction writing in 1998. After the play, they had a questions and answers thing where the actor and director sat and answered questions. none of the actors were mentally ill per say; but they said they felt more compassion for the mentally ill after portraying their characters. one lady said; "I don't consdider myself a very empathatic person, but i think this play has helped me have more empathy." And then the director said, "We have time for one more question or comment." So I raised my hand, and said, and this is my proverb, "Better to spend St. Patrick's day at a play about the mentally ill, then to sit in a bar with a bunch of old men in green hats who are puking their guts out." and everybody laughed and clapped, (And it was being filmed) and the director said, "Thank you all for coming out on St. patrick's day."
Oh and one last thing, I love to be a writer, and i love reading and writing, but i will never write anything as important as the Bible, and noone ever will. some atheists claim they've read it cover to cover, and that's why they don't believe, i have not read it all, i just have an inner faith that God is good, and he has better things in eternity, and our finite minds cannot see them right now. I wish you all the luck of the Irish, and shoot for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

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