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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on March 25, 2012
"I need to do research to make my pirate story sound realistic."

Proofreading and pirates

I was lying in bed on friday afternoon, and i had no coffee. i was too mellow. i needed coffee. coffe is my muse. for some reason, it came to me, my latest fiction idea, i want to write a comedy about pirates. so here i am at the library, sunday, and the lady at the desk said that the evanston library has a program called mango where you can learn languages online. you can even learn how to speak in pirate lingo. i'm checking out two books; pirates;an a-z encyclopedia, and the pirates primer. wish me good luck on my comedy about pirates.
Lately, i've been writing a lot of haikus. Friday was a cold rainy day, and there was nothing to do. so i ventured out to Barnes and noble and read a book about space and wrote a "space-haiku' and did a portrait of the man sitting in front of me. then i went back home and wrote two more poems. I talked to a lady that night who is unemployed, but she is more concerned that her internet connection went down. she felt i accomplished more that day by writing three poems than she did.
as far as grammar mistakes, the curses of a public school education. i aleways wanted to bea writer, but didn't take english seriously, i majored in fiction writing in college, but they didn't look at our grammar. i wish they did! i guess that is what editors are for!
I recently submitted a piece i wrote to a horror website. if they don't use your story, they give you a critique on how to improve your story. right now i'm about to go to a poetry critique here at the library. wish me luck!

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