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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on April 2, 2012
"How the world is not a safe place to bring a child into anymore, and it never really was"

Rock and Roll, baby!

I have some friends who are atheists who talk about this prayer, "Now i lay me down to sleep, pray the Lord my soul to keep, and if i die before i wake, i pray the lord my soul to take." and they think that is a really creepy poem. But the truth is you would want the lord to take your soul if you had any common sense, and i don't understand atheists, how they can think this is all there is, or that they are mad at the creator, as if they created themselves or the creator is just created by man. i fail to see how anybody could put all their eggs in this basket called life on earth, when the real rewards are in the next life.
so a lullaby for a baby is rather preposterous. woman will mourn forever if they can't have a child, but men's sexual frustration is from nanosecond to nanosecond. I'm getting to that age where i'm glad i;m not married, and people are always asking me, "So when are you going to get married and have a couple of kids?" and when i say, "Never," they act like i'm some kind of sinner. i know that i barely have any coping tools to deal with what the world has turned into, and i can't with full conscious bring a child into this world. so have you heard of "kids having kids?" well i'm 41 and I'm just like a giant kid, and i know people who are in their sixties who are even more immature than I am. My art and my writing are my babies. Sometimes i send them out into the world and they get decapitated. How much worse for a human baby to die!

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