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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on April 22, 2012
"I'm in florida with my family. having fun, but it's been chaotic!"

my niece and nephew

I wish i could tame my niece and nephew
It would be harder than taming a shrew
here i am in Florida with the crew
the kids are acting like they are in a zoo
The kids have ben bouncing off the walls
racing around all of the halls
It's hard to get them to go to bed
The other day my nephew hit his head
i was playing tag with the kids today
My niece fell right on the paveway
she screamed and created lots of drama
she needed to snuggle with her mama
fifteen minutes later she was back at again
the kids are rambunctious, my little friends
in the car i told my nephew to be quiet
He was silent and he started to try it
But i felt really guilty and sad
So i encouraged him o se the voice he has
then he started screaming hi jokes
They were better than some ive wrote
then back home they are acting insane
Monkey pants is what they give the name
now they rest like sweet angels in bed
I get mad, but i choose to love them instead!

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