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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on May 13, 2012
"I was googling color for a separate assignment. i came across these funny painter jokes. but they are not mine. i gave credit where it is due"

Painting jokes

Painters jokes stolen from dave from the internet

Dave the painter was painting a house, when a lady said, " You better not get paint on my carpet!' he said, "Ma,am, I'm just wiping away the dead roaches."

He painted a floor a certain color and he got a call from a neighbor asking how to remove two golden retrievers from the porch floor. they had dried up on the porch floor. he said he could gently shave them and detach them, but he'd have to redo the paint job!

Two NC patrolman asked the painter for identification. he was painting the house some rather odd colors. but that is what the couple asked for, because they were trying to sell the house!

(I don't mean to steal this man's stories, to read more, go to work stories

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