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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on June 17, 2012
"while writing poetry about art, i come across portrait of the father by Cezanne"

portrait of the father-by Cezanne a painting

Portrait of the father by cezanne

Yesterday, the day before father's day, I was at the library when I found out
Ekphrastic poetry magazine is having a poetry contest based on poetry about art. While at the library, I took books of art out and wrote poetry about them. one of the paintings I came across was portrait of the father by Cezanne.
It was funny, that is what I'm giving my dad for father's day, a sketch I did of him a long time ago, sitting, reading the paper like in Cezannne's piece. Fitting for father's day! Now we're sittting here waitting for the rest of my family to arrive and my dad is watching golf and it should be a good one

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