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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on June 25, 2012
"Everybody wants to be an artist or writer, but there is no finish line. You don't graduate, you quit."

Goodbye is such sweet sorrow

Forever student

I am an art and writing student. I have met so many interesting people through my art classes and writing classes. it helps to be older, because people are a little more serious. But if I wasn't in school I'd go crazy. When you do art in a class people give you compliments. i am used to working minimum wage jobs and being yelled at. To be in an art class and discover fascinating ways to do art with others is an adventure. I hate the last day of school. It's like I might say goodbye to someone who might not come back for a while. This summer, there is at least a few people who can't make it during the regular year because they are teachers. I am blessed by God that my needs are met and I am able to take art and writing classes. My apartment is wonderful, but it's hard to create alone. You feel like you are isolating. i have a little corner in my apartment where i try to do art. It is right by the air conditioner. today i reached over to turn my air conditioner on,
and my whole art stand collapsed and a bucket of paint splashed over the virgin
white wall.
At first i was really nervous, like i'd be in trouble with my landlady, but she had said since I renewed my lease I could have one of two things for free done, (A)a carpet cleaning) or (B) a paint touch up of damaged areas. When she comes back from vacation I'm just going to be honest with her and tell her the truth. but I also feel i need a better set up to paint, and i got a funny thing e-mailed to me! A computer e-mail with an on-line en plein air class! hey, if you want to paint outside, go outside! that is what I'm going to do soon. it's a beautiful day, and i'm on the computer! What's wrong with me?

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