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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on July 1, 2012
"I was at a poetry reading over the weekend, and an older gentleman read a poem "Owed to a soldier" about how we owe our freedom to soldiers. It was a great poem."

Poem about the Fourth of July(Gratitude)

I hope everyone has a good fourth,
Remember the U.S is the source.
Freedom we have some died for,
Even though we all hate war.
A lot of soldiers died unknown,
But God still lives on his throne.
Some things on Earth can't be explained,
But God's kindgom will forever reign.
In this country, sometimes we complain,
In third world places, they fight for grain.
In the U.S. i see other people's perspective,
That not everybody is completely effective.
that some of our politicians are crooks,
And other countries give us dirty looks.
But I wouldn't live in any other place,
Except for Heaven, seeing God's face!

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