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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on July 22, 2012
"sums it all up camp is not always fun nothing is fun 24 hours a day"

Letter from Camp

I don't like the food, it tastes like worms,
we play in the dirt, I'm feeling sick.
All of the other kids have germs,
I got poison ivy in bushes so thick.
All the little girls want perms,
The hair to their face is starting to stick,
The camp counnselors are just interns,
most of the men aren't attractive to chicks.
The head counselor looks older than George Burns,
He has no way of getting his kicks.
I took a photo of my roommates sunburns,
There's plenty of scabs that have to be picked,
You do like Romans when you're in Rome,
But Ma and pop! I want to go home!

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