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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on August 5, 2012
"written while watching the olympics"

The Tie that Binds

watching olympics

I'm watching the olympics with a group of friends
we had plenty of food by a special chef
The friends are mostly friends from church
Earlier they were dueling with swords
(that is, the people whose house i'm at)
all in all i'm having lots of fun
who says Christians are boring?
We watch the superhuman athletes
and I eat with a superhuman appetite
now the teenage gymnasts come on
They've become the icons now
Future models after gymnastics
U.s beats Italy leaving them sobbing
but we watch with nothing but joy
I'd hate to be a U.S olympian
how woud they not turn to drugs
I'm not famous so i do nothing
I love being invisible, with
liberty and justice for all

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