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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on September 9, 2012
"I love my pet. I thought about talking about a goodbye to a human, but that's pretty deep"


Goodbye, Twitches

Twitches was the first guinea pig I had.
The kids who owned her treated her rough.
When I got her, I loved her like mad.
But loving her was not enough.
When she died, I was really sad.
I tried to pretend like I was tough.
When I got Willow, I was glad.
She became the second pet I would love.
This is not a guinea pig ad.
It sounds to me like a lot of fluff.
But pets cheer you up when you are sad.
Better than whiskey, and not so rough.
When I go home, I won't be a loner,
Because I'm a very happy pet owner!

(By the way, good luck, Laura! good luck with your new son!)

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