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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on October 15, 2012
"Some people are so peacful they don't even harm insects. My professor got lime's disease recently, and I know victims of West niles virus. Nature is saying something to us."

I killed a fly Thursday

I killed a fly

Mark Hudson

Nothing bugs me like bugs. Why?
Aren't they God's creations, too?
On Thursday, I killed a fly,
while at a cafe, feeling blue.
I hit the fly and watched it die,
Felt no remorse, I gave it its due.
When I killed it, I got a high,
like a kid with nothing better to do.
Buddha would probably question my
motives as if I had no clue.
Christ wouldn't care, the reason why
Is salvation for humans is so true.
The fly might've kept the gift of life,
I wonder if he left behind a wife?

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