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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on October 28, 2012
"I entered a poetry contest, and the poems were good, but I think I didn't folow instructions, and the poems were disqualified. Rushing causes mistakes, and where I live things can be fast-paced, and the sermon in church today was about not worrying about money, but focusing on God for your provisions."

Haste makes waste

Haste makes waste

When you live in a city, haste makes waste,
and a lady from Utah said she'd proofread my poems.
I told her since your state is slow-paced,
You'll probably have time to look at my poems.
I feel like what I said was a big mistake,
My city ego might've made her feel alone.
I wonder if an amends is what it will take,
to get me off of my judgement throne.
The truth is this area is hard to take,
Too many people who think it's there's to own.
I wish I could go to a cottage by the lake,
But in a big city, I'm still an unknown.
I may have friends and family here,
But having an ego makes your friends disappear.

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