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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on January 23, 2013
"The government can ponder why there's so much violence in our country, Americans are frustrated because there are no jobs, or the jobs that exist are too stressful. If everybody would be an artist it would be wonderful, but that is an unrealistic utopia."

Art makes me content

Let me do art

Mark Hudson

My mother tells me I'm not a teenager anymore
But most people treat me like I'm mature
I'm like a kid in a candy store
Whenever I do art it's my cure
It cures depression, that's what it's for
I know my paintings will endure
I know I really hate doing chores
because my imagination stirs
So what if people think I'm poor?
Could you buy a painting, sir?
I must create while the clock is ticking,
Because all the goverment is doing is tricking....

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