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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on February 4, 2013
"My new neighbor comes from the suburbs and he must've been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. It's okay for him to throw football parties, but he gets mad when I play rock n roll music at like, two in the afternoon."

Superbowl vs. Rock n. Roll

Super Bowl or Rock n Roll?

Mark Hudson

My new neighbor watches the super bowl,
Complaining to friends about my rock n roll.
He has his yuppie friends over for the game,
While I sit in silence and listen in shame.
He's drinking with friends and getting drunk,
And putting me down for my metal and punk.
As he drinks more he gets louder and louder,
More boastful, arrogant, and prouder.
In the hallway he said he went to a Christian school,
but when he gets drunk, he acts like a fool.
Sure, maybe my music isn't gospel,
but I never claimed to be the best apostle.
I used to see him at my church before,
Now I don't see him any more.
Maybe I made a bad impression,
But it's not my fault I have depression.
He himself has a beautiful wife,
I have nothing like that in my life.
I'm not nearly as noisy as my neighbors are,
They always sound like they came from a bar.
So, if they can't tolerate some rock 'n' roll,
I guess I'm stuck listening to the super bowl!

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