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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on March 4, 2013
"I got friends in low places"

Taking the wrong job


When I used to work in the movie theatre, we'd
get "write'ups' little slaps on the wrists,
for doing little wrong things. We had a
manager who was a would-be-writer
but spent the rest of his life managing
movie theatres. One time, he wrote
up a Loyola graduate with a 4.0
GPA and he said, "I have never
seen so many run-on-sentences
in my whole entire life! well,
that was back in the nineties.
Someone was telling me they
couldn't get a job at Target
because they had people with master's
degrees stocking the shelves.
I'm just grateful for what I have
today, and i hope i have it
tomorrow. When i worked at
the movie theatre they told me,
"if you don't make it at this job
the only place that would hire
you is burger king." and i believed
their lies! i let them underestimate
my intelligence! i think there is
still a part of me that covers
up my intelligence because
life is not fair. well for a smart
person, i've made some dumb
mistakes in life. But i've found
the light at the end of the tunnel.
My favourite line from Tv
of all time is the character
anita sharp from the Tv
show Fringe when she sadistically
says, "Things are about to get
worse." oh yes, they are!
why doesn't the government
quit beating around the bush
and try to quit covering up
their idiocy? i mean it
might not take too much
smarts to work at fast food,
but it's honest work
(not like politics.)
i washed a movie called
Ironclad over the weekend,
a little bit too violent I suppose,
but i was thinking, "Has this
been mankind's destiny for
how long?' But don't ask
me. i only worked at a
movie theatre in the ninetie's.
Now it's just an empty field.
The people used to say,
"You guys watch all the
movies, don't you?"
No. some people have
a life outside of their
mundane desk job.
Well, here I go to live
the life of Walter Mitty

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