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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on April 8, 2013
"A bunch of true stories woven together."

Waste not want not

Waste not Want not

In the past, i met a famous artist named the "Grizzled Wizard" in ohio. Well, he had his fifteen minutes of fame, but only in Ohio. Don't know what happened to him since then. But a man made a Dvd about his life and i still have the Dvd. anyway, my distant cousin who is a businessman and is always obsessing about one thing or another(usually ways to make money) treated the grizzled Wizard like he was God. and supposedly he died and went to Heaven, came back, and so he had a purpose. But i found him to be pompous and arrogant, like, well, me.
Most artists have egos. But nonetheless, his video was called "Waste not, want not" about he would recycle art and create sculptures. you can probably still find it on the internet somewhere. It's interesting if you can find it. All judgement aside, he is quite an interesting fellow.
My cousin wanted to make a Dvd about me and my art, but it didn't work out. i felt like it was all about the money. He'd give me these pep talks about raising money for the project. Doesn't the business community understand that artists can't make a buck to save their rear end? So the project fizzled.
But that phrase always stuck with me, waste not, want not. i may not be the greatest recycler of garbage like newspapers, trash, bottles, ect. but when it comes to art supplies, i'm set for life. i learned from customer service jobs that nobody likes an ornery customer. So i started going into an art store called good's, and established a rapport with the workers. pretty soon, anything they couldn't use, they gave to me. i accumulated enough things to create art for the rest of my life. although the way the world is going, i don't know if i'll live to be a senior or not. But if i die, i'll get to do art in heaven! that will be better, anyhow.
In my printmaking class, they have a box called fairy paper, where people donate their scraps of paper. I do some of my best work on these free slices of paper. There was a good frame that someone put in the shop and nobody took it for a year. i finally had a piece that fit the frame so I took it. One man's trash, another's treasure!
So please support your local artists. We're not bums, and most artists have part-time jobs doing things they can't stand just like you. One more note, one time i met a girl who was really obsessed with saving the environment. She said"everytime I see garbage, I make sure i throw it away." So I told her something from the Bible. "Did you know, that even though man is going to ruin this Earth, that God is so generous that in his word he promises a whole new heaven and earth? Some food for thought!

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