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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on May 12, 2013
"Our first two parents are who every human comes from.
This poem looks at how we should love all people, and
says moms are okay, even though they make mistakes
just like our first mom."

The original mother (Eve)

God may be male, but he is a mama at times

First God created man, woman, and the asp.
The man and woman were live forever.
But the snake had them in their grasp,
the conniving snake was really clever.
He told Eve to eat from the tree,
and she tricked Adam to do the same.
When God found he looked to see,
they clothed themselves in total shame.
Some say it's the woman's fault,
She was the original person naive.
But Adam was victim of the same assault,
Thus, the tale of Adam and Eve.
Every human is from Eve's womb,
we are just one big human race.
Lately, we've been headed for doom,
every human has a hint of God's face.
Why does brother kill his brother?
Take a look at Cane and Able.
Certainly this act shocked their mother,
but it was one she did enable.
Ever since then, war after war,
to prove whose God is just the best.
One God only is worth dying for,
then we'll have eternal rest.
Eve may have been the original mom,
and certainly, she made a mistake.
Now the world has nuclear bombs,
How much more hell can we take?
On mother's day I love my mama,
My hearts goes out to others ma's.
We need to quit all of this drama,
and go back to obeying God's own laws.

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