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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on May 19, 2013
"criticism, taste, odes, quatrains, contests, etc."

Good moon and Bad moon poem

Blowing off the poetry workshop to write poetry

Mark Hudson

I sometimes would go to a poetry workshop,
In winter when the temperatures dropped.
But as the weather started getting better,
the room got crowded, my poems no better.

I found the criticism hurt my head,
my poetry was ripped to shreds.
As if my poems shouldn't be longer,
what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I brought in a poem about the moon,
I left feeling like a giant buffoon.
The people critiqued it to the maximum,
I left feeling I was just a bum.

When the results came back from a poem contest,
I got some awards but never the best.
"The Ominous Moon," came in third place,
a different poem set in outer space.

So one moon poem may not appeal,
but don't even the greatest writers steal?
We can't steal the moon, which sounds odd,
because the moon itself belongs to God.

Oh, if my poems were destined to be great,
and survived after my death's late date.
But I will be immortal, no matter what,
because I have a God who is watching my butt!

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