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The following is a piece of writing submitted by MarkHudson on June 10, 2013
"Kicking the bucket made me think about how death is
part of our life. Should we fear it, accept it, or embrace it?"

Don't be afraid to kick the bucket

Don't be afraid to kick the bucket

Mark Hudson

I have a German penpal who recently lost her uncle, and she is very sad.
I have been telling my German penpal about God, and I even sent her
a book by a man who supposedly had a near-death experience,
and went to Heaven. So she she started going to church and taking
her parents. But her uncle died suddenly, and now she is scared
of her own mortality
I have two art professors I love, and both are in their sixties. i am trying
to learn as much as i can from them. on saturday, i told one professor,
are you ever going to retire? and he said,"I'm going to work until I drop,"
then he told me about an artist who lived long enough to put his final
signature on a painting, then he died. a woman in class said," stop\
talking like this?" but i know why she said this. she's often said things
mocking religion, so maybe she doesn't believe in God. I wouldn't
describe myself as the most religious person in the world, but I've
found a real upbeat church that makes me feel like maybe I can go
to Heaven, even though most of my life i've done plenty of wrong
things. At my church, we don't believe you get into Heaven by doing
good things, you get into Heaven by accepting God's free invitation.
Unfortunately, throughout history, the church was more of an
avenue for telling people they were likely to go to hell, and
installing fear in their hearts, without painting a more accurate
picture of Heaven, and how wonderful it will be. I too, hated church
growing up, and felt like everything I truly enjoyed was just a "sin."
But the more I talk to different people, the more I see we're all the same.

I'm no bible scholar, but I read in my bible that every human being
God ever made he wants to save their soul. That doesn't mean he always
will, but I heard God really shows no favoritism. I've seen a lot
of hopelessness living in the Chicago land area, and something tells
me that I've got to be grateful. There are people here who have nothing,
and people who travel all over the world. I've been feeling restless
lately, to see more of this world. But if I don't, the only place anyone
will truly ever be content is in Heaven. So don't be afraid to kick the
bucket. Many have gone before us, and babies are born every day.
At times I feel I'm a part of everything, other times nothing. Giving
your life to your creator allows you to plug into the greatest story
ever. you can't change the character you are, but you're life can
improve. but that's enough of a sermon by now. by wednesday, it'll
have worn off, and i'll be back to the gloom and doom again.

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