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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Twelvfth on September 5, 2010
"Fifteen minutes dedicated to exciting new inspirations and revelations.

Remember: All is fiction, so no "non" is needed."

Dreaming a You and a Me

Visualize that they're not gone.

Now get greedy, not just one or two of them--though you loved them dearly. But all of them. Every single last one of them.

They're not gone, and you have no need to miss them. Because they could have never left, there is no elsewhere to turn to.

How? Cycles and Circles.

Break your Western lines and columns, your Western bits and pieces.

Try this: Cycles and Circles.

The One in All, The All in One.

The fallen once tread alongside you. But, more importantly, they tread where you had. As you had. For the same reasons you did.

They were you as you are them as they are you.

They could have never left, there is no elsewhere to turn to.

They persist, exist, and live on. You and they, and he and she and me and every last one of them are all sharing the same game.

The One in All, The All in One.

Perhaps I am you.

Visualize a post-Newtonian place.

Less physical.
Less tangible.
Less real.
More intuitive.

Visualize an Illusion.
A Hologram.

I am but a Spherelander and a Dreamer.

Dreaming space and time.
Dreaming a you and a me.

But, Visualize me as you and them as here within us.

We share a consciousness--
so let's at least be


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