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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Alexandryne on August 28, 2010
"Well I had a story idea floating around in my head so here's part of it. What do y'all think of it?"

The Dragon Scar, Chapter 1

Sage. Heather Sage. It was a stupid name, and she hated it. It was a stupid abnormal name and she always went by her last name. Sage. She'd never met anyone else with that name. Named Sage. But she'd never met anyone like her, either. She was different. Black hair, and purple eyes. Who on earth had purple eyes? Sage. Sometimes it drove her nuts, being different. Not just in the eyes. But in other ways. She had a scar in the shape of a dragon curling up her forearm.

Sage had never been normal. Never gotten that chance. Multiple reasons, starting with the fact she had never had a family. She lived in a small orphanage on the down side of town, in a room filled with girls 15-18. She was only 14, and had no idea why she was there. She should be in the other room, taking care of the younger girls. But Madam Currie wanted her with the older girls.

Maybe she thought Sage couldn't care for the little ones. Probably because people wanted her dead, but did that mean she couldn't sew up one of the little girl's dresses? Sage thought not. But still she was in the only bed that wasn't a bunk bed, in the corner furthest from the windows and doors, with one drawer for her clothes that she shared with a 16 year old named Sara. there were 2 bathrooms that the 25 girls shared and one for the boys. Sage had two friends out of the 43 children in the orphanage. Jacob, who went by Jake, was a year older than she was. And then there was a little 7 year old girl with bouncy blonde curls named Aria who she looked out for. She was always getting picked on but never when Sage or Jake were around; they protected her. They were like her big siblings.

Sage loved them both, considering she had known Jake as long as she could remember and found Aria like family. Or what she thought family would be like at least. That's why she shut them out, of course. For some reason, people wanted the girl with the dragon scar dead. They had killed her family when she was young to get to her, and Sage had no doubt they would kill Jake and Aria as well. So she tried to block them out. But it never worked.

On her fifteenth birthday it proved to be futile. Everything she had tried to stop fell apart on that morning. On the morning when a man in black a black trenchcoat brought a can of gasoline and a single match to the orphanage.

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